Who we are

Welcome to DomSoeiro, a portuguese luxury house of home textiles. Born in the north of Portugal on January 2023. Known for its manufacturing quality linens and traditional techniques.


What we do

DomSoeiro creates home essential collections from, bathroom towels pack of different colours and sizes, as well as bedding duvet cover and blankets for your living room. Everything is fully and proudly made in Portugal, from raw materials to a safely packed product. Every step is taken to ensure it reaches you with elegance. So everyone can indulge in the luxury of our premium home essentials. Experience the difference quality makes.

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toalhas dobradas brancas about us domsoeiro

Responsible growth

Our mission

To continually create and evolve collections of home goods, be distinguished by our exceptional confort and quality. Our goal is to consistently provide solutions that inspire confidence and trust to our clients needs.

Join us and find out more about our products.

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