How to make your towels soft without a dryer

To make your towels soft without a dryer doesn’t seem like an easy job, as hotels seems to ace. After washing and drying your towels after a few times, they start to become a bit stiff and crunchy. After all, what you really want is a fluffy and snugly towel to wrap yourself.

Here you’ll find a few tips on how to keep your towels soft without going out to buy new ones.

how to make your towels feel soft without a dryer. two folded beige towels from domsoeiro.

How to make your towels soft without a dryer: 10 different ways

Air dry your towels

Air drying is the perfect solution to get them dry and soft. However, if you live in a rainy country, you will have to keep scrolling onto the tips, to find a suitable for you.

White vinegar

Don’t worry about the smell, it will fade away once the washing machine performs its final rinse. In case the smell persist, re wash them just with water. White vinegar is fantastic for removing residues and build up from towels. In addition, it will make them feel soft again.

Half up the amount of laundry detergent

Overusing detergent is not good for your textiles. Using a lot of detergent can make your towels stiff, really rough and it also build up residue.

Towel rotation

Creating a towel rotation routine for your towels, it will help to last a little longer. Swapping your towels with other towels from your home, for example, if you have a pile of four green towels that you have to use for one week, swap them for another pile and so on.

Washing your towels together

Do not wash your towels with clothing or bedding. Mixing your towels with other textiles does save time. However, when you do this, a lot of lint gets passed around and this makes your towels with fiber build up.

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Fabric softener

They are a great solution when making your towels soft and smell good. You can use this every three or four time you wash them. But as I mentioned before, fabric softener can lead to build up residues.

Water softeners for your washing machine

If you live in a metropolitan area, you will find that your clothing gets clogged with small mineral deposits called limestone. In order to get rid of these, you need to use products like Calgon, is a completely safe to use in your washing machine, with or without clothes.

Do not over pack your machine with towels

To ensure that the washing machine ca clean all the towels properly, you have to fit around 5 towels to 1 cycle. In that way, the weight is distributed evenly the towels should come out softer because they’ve been cared for better.

Sort out wet towels immediately

Once the washing machine has stopped, shake them to get rid of moisture excess and put them on the line to dry up.

Let towels to dry before folding

If you don’t allow them to dry completely, the towels become stiff because the material retains excess moisture. Set them up in a warm room, so they can dry as naturally as possible.

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To sum up, you don’t have to spend loads of money in order to keep your towels soft without a dryer.

Just follow the small steps to achieve great result through time. Just by mixing a few solutions above, it will be able to keep your towels as you wish.

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